Better than Mary Poppins

25 Jun


She came to the door, arms laden with bags. “I have just a few more things in the car,” I heard her say as she turned and left. “I’ll be right back!” The children and I looked at each other wondering what this treasured friend was up to this time…

Returning, a little out of breath, like Mary Poppins, she began to pull things out of her abundant bags. “I was at the store,” she began, “and it occurred to me the kids might like some grilled cheese sandwiches. As I was picking up the cheese and bread, I felt the Lord directing me to meat and cheese instead. I really thought grilled cheese sounded better, but He kept prodding me to get meat and cheese. So, I just decided to get both… I know you make your own bread, but I bought some anyway, just for fun.”

As quickly as she had come, she was gone.

Her words slowing sifting through my mind…

“I felt the Lord directing me to get meat and cheese instead.”

How could she have known? She didn’t know. Only God knew…

The children stood looking at me. Did they remember their own conversation just yesterday, I wondered. Did they recall in their minds how they had dreamily spoke of meat and cheese sandwiches as they reluctantly ate peanut butter and jelly, again?

We ate our lunch with thankfulness and awe of our great and loving God.

That day left a permanent impression in my mind.

Not only does our Heavenly Father care about even the smallest of details in our lives, He speaks to us! He is there to lead and direct our steps, if we are willing to listen.


One Response to “Better than Mary Poppins”

  1. Judy April 21, 2013 at 9:32 am #

    Wow, and these pictures are beautiful!

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