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Thankful for…

22 Jun


cheery flowers


a quiet time to read


tomatoes to anticipate


siblings that love to spend time together and plan trips together


flip flops

Have a great weekend!


And this is how one young man’s dinner appeared…

20 Jun


Just a quick follow up from tonight’s dinner… My son had his own unique vision for what to do with his tortilla! :)

Building happy childhood memories…

19 Jun


Camping on Madeline Island, picnics with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and cousins, sunny afternoons at the beach… I am thankful Momma and Daddy planned fun traditions for our young summers days.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or take all day to create fun memories. We happened to notice that Baskin Robbins has $1.00 kids cones on Tuesday nights. Since they are only about 5 minutes from our house, we have become summer time regulars.

I would love to hear from you – What are some of the favorite simple summer pleasures your family enjoys?

taking time for simple pleasures

4 Jun


I could hear the gentle pounding of nails as we stood in the kitchen. The eyes of his proud parents sparkled when they described the bed their five year old son was creating in the garage. Remembering various attempts of my own children to create tables, chairs, and shelves, I regretted the fact that I hadn’t taken the time to see the fruit of this young little man’s labor.

I love the summer time and the freedom to let the kids be kids – run, climb, dig, build, fish, throw stones, swim, catch butterflies, breath deeply, live fully… and sleep deeply.


Sully and Skippy

17 Jan

This is Sully.  Mark and I gave Sully to Yetta, our in house photographer, for Christmas.  While Yetta is gone at work all day, Sully provides us with lots of entertainment! Today while we were deep into our English Grammar studies, the kids were just beginning to grasp the definitions of conjunctions and interjections, when Sully figured out how to open the door of his cage.  It was quite a process to watch as he swung back and forth a few times before realizing he was free.

This is Skippy.  He adopted us a few months ago.  Skippy is the most loving cat I have ever seen.  We don’t allow Skippy to come inside so he sits on the window sill, outside.  He watches us when we eat breakfast, lunch, and supper – longing to be let in.

Sully seems to be smugly aware of Skippy’s situation.  His first destination stop this morning was the very window sill that Skippy enjoys, only on the inside.  I’ve never seen a bird play hide and seek before, but Sully appeared to be having a great time ducking behind the wood trim and emerging again in full view of Skippy.

Poor Skippy, Sully was so close, yet so far!

Just for fun… popsicles

11 Aug

The kids have been dreaming of popsicles, and after they started showing me the popsicle recipes they were finding, I started dreaming of Popsicles too!

So, this morning we had a popsicle making party! We made three different kinds.

This one was made with homemade Greek yogurt. (Hmm, can it be Greek if it is homemade?)  Blueberry jam was carefully mixed in with a swirl of raspberry syrup an top.  It looks yummy!

Next batch also had the wonderful yogurt, cantaloupe chunks, blueberry jam, and raspberry syrup artistically placed in layers. So pretty!

The kids found some espresso Popsicle recipes. We knew the older kids would love to try these when they get home from work, so we made quite a few. We combined coffee, whole milk, heavy whipping cream, and a bit of raspberry syrup to sweeten it.

I am always in search for the nutritious, fun to eat recipes, so when they found the cucumber lemon flavor, it was a hit (at least with me)! It really does look refreshing.  Instead of lemons, we used limes and made sort of a lime-aid. The trick is to let it freeze for an hour or so (a lot longer in our house, due to the repeatedly opened freezer door- “just checking mom”!). Then stir in the ice crystals and add shredded cucumbers.  It looks good!

The kids had researched and found that coffee filters placed upside down over the cup, held in place with a binder, make a perfect support for the stick.  Apparently when you flip the popsicle over and take off the cup, it helps keep the little fingers from getting so sticky.  We’ll see.

Here is the almost frozen, finished product.  I can’t wait to taste them!

No Boredom Allowed!

13 Jul

Yesterday was one of those days that everything went right!

The kids science class was going so well, I think they went half an hour over what was intended. When they were done, they all headed off to work on reading, taking notes, and making creative pages.

Hoping to give the kids some inspiration, I showed them examples of each other’s work. Well… it worked better than I anticipated! They were all busily working for the next two hours! After seeing the older kids notes, the younger crews pages started taking on a whole new look.  No longer a quick drawing with a short sentence or two, Humphrey the whale has a pull tab to jump out of his pocket with an informative list of facts!

My two youngest decided they no longer wanted to be held back by waiting for me to listen to them read.  They each picked up books on their own and started sounding out the words. I don’t think they are retaining much, but more importantly, for now, they want to be in the game and are excited to read.

Then to top it all off, my son came in to show me what he had been working on.  Similar to one a cousin had made years ago, he was creating leather journals.

Two of our goals in raising children are to instill a love of reading and love for learning. Sometimes it might not feel like we’re making progress, but yesterday the fruit was evident!




Don’t let boredom set in this summer.  Give them a little inspiration and who knows what might happen!