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Better than Mary Poppins

25 Jun


She came to the door, arms laden with bags. “I have just a few more things in the car,” I heard her say as she turned and left. “I’ll be right back!” The children and I looked at each other wondering what this treasured friend was up to this time…

Returning, a little out of breath, like Mary Poppins, she began to pull things out of her abundant bags. “I was at the store,” she began, “and it occurred to me the kids might like some grilled cheese sandwiches. As I was picking up the cheese and bread, I felt the Lord directing me to meat and cheese instead. I really thought grilled cheese sounded better, but He kept prodding me to get meat and cheese. So, I just decided to get both… I know you make your own bread, but I bought some anyway, just for fun.”

As quickly as she had come, she was gone.

Her words slowing sifting through my mind…

“I felt the Lord directing me to get meat and cheese instead.”

How could she have known? She didn’t know. Only God knew…

The children stood looking at me. Did they remember their own conversation just yesterday, I wondered. Did they recall in their minds how they had dreamily spoke of meat and cheese sandwiches as they reluctantly ate peanut butter and jelly, again?

We ate our lunch with thankfulness and awe of our great and loving God.

That day left a permanent impression in my mind.

Not only does our Heavenly Father care about even the smallest of details in our lives, He speaks to us! He is there to lead and direct our steps, if we are willing to listen.



laughing at myself…

22 Sep

I had the pleasure of taking my daughter-in-law out for lunch today.

As I’m still fully employed at home with children, school, and all of the typical things… it’s rare that I take anyone out.

We had good food and good conversation.

We chuckled as we reflected on the unique experience of the first days of college. Everything is so new – classes, schedules, people, surroundings, expectations…  learning to adapt. Both of us glad not to be there anymore.

We enjoyed our time.

I enjoyed our time.


the bill came

I felt like a deer in the road, staring at the head lights!

It wasn’t the amount that bothered me, it was the process!

the tip, the addition, the signature

Funny, I help the children with math every day without struggle.  I have no problem balancing the check book.  I am very familiar with signing my name.

I wondered, why in the world did I fall apart when the bill came?

(I confess, this isn’t the first time.)

Then it hit me, I am just like that new college student,

a bit out of my element.

Babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers have pleasantly filled my all of my adult life.

Mark and I enjoyed dates through the years, but he always paid!

If we stopped as a family for fast food, I gathered the children and sat down while he ordered.

My job has never been to pay the bill.

Hmm… not wanting to simply  remain in my comfort zone, maybe I need to start taking more people out for lunch,

just for practice, of course! ;)

the first fruits…

6 May

Today is the first day of what we have been working towards – the first fruits (or veggies in this case) of our garden! Our turnip plants have gotten big enough that they needed to be thinned.  Too many little plants bunched together won’t leave room for big turnips. As a result, we had the pleasure of eating fresh greens on our tuna sandwiches for lunch.

Mmm…. so tender and good!