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Talia’s Crafts

18 Nov

Hi my name is Talia Olmstead, I am the tenth in our family of fourteen children.

I like to bake, do fun crafts, hike, and a lot more outside activities.  Recently

I did both of these crafts with my younger siblings.


Pilgrim Hat or a Turkey for a Thanksgiving Craft

Necessities for pilgrim hat:  Hard stock paper both yellow and black, skewer sticks, tape, and glue.

Necessities for turkey: Hard stock paper many colors, skewer, tape, and glue.

Pilgrim Hat

Step 1.  Cut out a hat with black paper.

Step 2.  With yellow paper cut out gold buckle.

Step 3.  Take gold buckle and glue it snug onto the hat.

Step 4.  Last of all, grab the skewer and tape it onto the back right side of the hat.

The turkeys is quite simple as well.  First, with your many colors, cut out approximately a dozen feathers and tape them to a round piece of paper.  Add the finishing touches like the neck and the head then follow up with step 4.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!