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And this is how one young man’s dinner appeared…

20 Jun


Just a quick follow up from tonight’s dinner… My son had his own unique vision for what to do with his tortilla! :)


What’s for dinner?

20 Jun

This morning we decided to beat the heat of the day and get a early handle on dinner.  In one hour we made 50 freshly ground whole wheat tortillas.


Fresh wheat berries before they are ground.


I use a NutriMill  to grind the wheat. You could simply buy whole wheat flour instead, but it does lose much of its nutritional content when it is pre-ground. With the dough hook attachment,  the Bosch  mixes all of the ingredients together.  Or, you could do it the old fashioned way, by hand.

Separate the dough into little balls. Let sit covered with plastic wrap for a half hour or so before rolling into flat tortillas.



Cook on a dry griddle, medium heat for about 1-2 minutes per side. Stack on a plate as they come off the griddle and keep warm in foil.


True, they are a bit more work than the store bought version but worth the extra effort.

Tonight’s menu: Grilled chicken with shredded veggies from our garden, wrapped in our homemade tortillas, ranch fries, and lightly sweetened ice tea.

Whole Wheat Tortillas
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
1/3 cup canola oil
1 cup warm water

This batch makes about 10 tortillas. I usually multiply it by 5 for our family.

Enjoy your dinner!

when the kids come home…

18 Jun

Busy with preparations, the music plays.

My heart soars in anticipation.

Randomly, I hear the cars approaching the drive.

Piled into the kitchen, like sardines in a can, we crowd …

Chopping veggies, bumping elbows, weaving through the maze of family to find the salt.

The music changes with each person’s taste.

My heart again full, as one more – unexpected, arrives. His plans have changed.

Behind the voices the music continues.

Sounds of laughter in the yard sing through the window.

The smell of the smoker lingers in the air enticing the men, tall and small, to monitor the meat.

Finally, we gather.

Hand in hand, thanking God for His provision.

The music replaced by the steady hum of voices and the clinking of dishes.

Pockets of conversations filter through the air.

Caring words of concern,

Thoughts of passion and zeal,

Surface chatter of insignificant things.

The sun begins to set.

Reluctantly the day comes to a close.

Silently, we rest.

But the music is still heard as a memory…

kids can do incredible things

21 May


Having turned seven years old around six months ago, I decided it was time our youngest son became one of the proficient bread-makers in our household. We have a number of random traditions that happen at various ages and learning to make bread after you turn seven is one of them. There isn’t any deep meaningful reason behind this practice. It’s just how it turned out and the kids are always pretty excited to learn! Maybe one of the keys is to catch them while they are still young enough to find it exciting and old enough to be able to follow directions well.

At any rate, from grinding the wheat to baking, it was all done on his own. The picture shows our basic recipe, although we seem to do it a little different every time. Eventually our seven year old will know the ingredients like the back of his hand and be able to experiment as he pleases. Fortunately the flops usually work well for French Toast in the mornings! Mmmm…

Given the opportunity, kids can do incredible things!

Hats off to my growing young man! The bread tasted great!

What’s for breakfast?

24 Jan

This is what we had for breakfast this morning.  It was so good and prettier than my picture shows.  If you, like me, are attempting to eat nutritious food that tastes great, this is worth a try.

Garbanzo Bean Flour Pancakes:

1 1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour

1 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

3 Tbs olive oil

1 cup buttermilk (or water)

2 eggs

I simply combine all of these ingredients together and mix until smooth.  It’s easy to adjust the liquid to make a little thicker or thinner.  Fry on a greased griddle just like a normal pancake. This recipe makes about 20 small pancakes (I usually multiply it for our family).

Today we served sauteed kale, tomatoes, and onions over the cakes with gently fried eggs and sliced avocados.

We’ve used the same batter as a base for a variety of uses: muffins, quick breads, the base for an egg bake… so many options!

This takes a bit more effort than a bowl of boxed cereal, but the benefits are worth the extra effort! With the help of the kids in the kitchen, we can have this breakfast on the table in 1/2 hour.

Just for fun… popsicles

11 Aug

The kids have been dreaming of popsicles, and after they started showing me the popsicle recipes they were finding, I started dreaming of Popsicles too!

So, this morning we had a popsicle making party! We made three different kinds.

This one was made with homemade Greek yogurt. (Hmm, can it be Greek if it is homemade?)  Blueberry jam was carefully mixed in with a swirl of raspberry syrup an top.  It looks yummy!

Next batch also had the wonderful yogurt, cantaloupe chunks, blueberry jam, and raspberry syrup artistically placed in layers. So pretty!

The kids found some espresso Popsicle recipes. We knew the older kids would love to try these when they get home from work, so we made quite a few. We combined coffee, whole milk, heavy whipping cream, and a bit of raspberry syrup to sweeten it.

I am always in search for the nutritious, fun to eat recipes, so when they found the cucumber lemon flavor, it was a hit (at least with me)! It really does look refreshing.  Instead of lemons, we used limes and made sort of a lime-aid. The trick is to let it freeze for an hour or so (a lot longer in our house, due to the repeatedly opened freezer door- “just checking mom”!). Then stir in the ice crystals and add shredded cucumbers.  It looks good!

The kids had researched and found that coffee filters placed upside down over the cup, held in place with a binder, make a perfect support for the stick.  Apparently when you flip the popsicle over and take off the cup, it helps keep the little fingers from getting so sticky.  We’ll see.

Here is the almost frozen, finished product.  I can’t wait to taste them!

Tidbits of ideas… molasses

3 Jun

In light of the last few posts…

I had mentioned gaining inspiring tidbits from various people while away on our multiple wedding weekend.  Always eager to get good nutrients into the family,  I tried this suggestion from my dear sister.  Not only did we like it the first time, we ate it again to day with lunch!

black strap molasses on whole wheat  toast

If you haven’t looked at the nutritional benefits of black strap molasses, you might enjoy doing a Google search on it.  When I know a food is especially good for me, it goes a long way on influencing my taste buds!