Wife and Mom: I am thrilled to be married to the sweetheart of my youth and the love of my life!  Early in our marriage, we dreamed of having 2 – 4 kids, a cat, and a dog.  Almost 30 years later, although we have no cats or dogs, we have 14 children.  Yes, they are all ours and no, we do not have any twins.  I love being a mom and wouldn’t trade my job for anything.  Like anyone, I have stories to tell, passions I live for, and principles I stand on, but I will let them unfold over time through daily writings. My hope is that my experiences may be an encouragement to others as they deliberately raise their family.

Mark: Husband and Father: Husband to the girl of my dreams.  From the young age of 14 I knew I wanted Becky as my wife! We have a story graciously written by  God who loves us and has a plan for us. Never a happier man could there be than me. Shown grace beyond measure, experiencing love larger than life, while Christ- my greatest treasure is ever renewing me.

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