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My second podcast with Shara: Respecting Your Husband

26 May

Sitting here in the waiting room of the dentist office (with my new ipad in hand – of course), I have the luxury of reading, thinking, writing, and reflecting. Part of the process of deliberately encouraging others in marriage and family life is how it causes me to reflect on my own life.

How did I do this morning in sending off my hubby with kind words? Did I take time to encourage him? Did I focus on his strengths or pick apart his weaknesses? Did I take time to draw him close or drive a wedge between us?

A month ago I had the privilege of doing another podcast with my friend, Shara. The last interview was on the adventure of going from 5 – 14 children. This time, as you might guess, it was on marriage. The focus is on my journey of learning to treat my husband with respect and how that continues to affect the rest of our family. Shara has some great insights as she also endeavors to continue building on the strong foundation she and her husband have laid for a healthy marriage and family.

As a result of a few technical difficulties, like my Internet speed for one, the sound is a little soft. Be prepared to have a quiet place to listen.

Please take a moment to visit Notes at Naptime … with Shara and be encouraged!




in an effort to change my husband

18 May


Sometimes it is the smallest issues in marriage that can become a mountain of trouble! My dear hubby had a habit of leaving his dirty clothes on the floor rather than putting them into the laundry basket. I kindly asked him to make use of the basket. I know he wasn’t opposed to the idea, but his routine didn’t change. I tried moving the basket to where he dropped the clothes, but still the clothes landed next to the basket, not in. It became a growing source of irritation to me. Every day as I picked up his clothes, I found myself grumbling, “Why in the world can’t he simply put his own clothes in the basket? I do his laundry, make the bed, cook the meals… ” One day I stopped and listened to the words I was repeating. The more I griped, the more I believed what I was telling myself.

What if I were to replace the grumbling with daily words of thankfulness? Determined to work on changing myself rather than him, I reworked my thinking. I began to look forward to the following morning and a new beginning! This time when I saw Mark’s clothes on the floor, I smiled. Quietly, I gave thanks to God for my sweet husband and took joy in having the privilege to serve him!

Did Mark change? Well, yes and no. He became aware that my attitude had changed and did make more of an effort to actually hit the basket. But more importantly, I had changed. Because I was no longer trying to change him, I was able to accept him as he was and took pleasure in serving him.