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gently molding habits

12 Jan


The kids worked hard yesterday afternoon.  They conquered their bedrooms and each received a full 5 points!

Remember the original goal? To change a habit by gently molding, encouraging, and having fun.  This doesn’t mean that the work was necessarily fun for them, but the outcome was worth the work.

The hardest part is over, now their desire for points will help to drive

 the desire to maintain.  Throughout the process, the self discipline naturally grows!


Set Priorities for your Family and Stick to Them!

18 Aug

Living in such a fast paced society, if we are not careful our families will be swept into the current and pulled places we may not want to go.

“Are we asking questions that help evaluate the priorities of our lives?”

– What is most important in our lives? Are we living in such a way to preserve or enhance how we spend our days?

-How does our family spend time together and is there any way it could be improved on? What is stealing away our time?

-What are the most important things we want to teach our children? Are we  prioritizing the time to teach them in an effective way?

-What could we change to better serve each other and others, as a family?


…just a few things to think about at the start of a new school year

have bed will travel

10 Jun

After finding out how much sleep children need,  learning about no fuss bedtime routine, and applying the Blanket Time principle, this last key could be a huge help to you as a parent!

As a child, I remember my parents enjoying visits to other people’s homes.  They wanted us to come and be a part of the fun, and because they had done their work ahead of time, were not forced to leave early to get us home to bed.  When bedtimes came around, they simply told us it was time to go to sleep,  laid us down on whatever was available, and asked us to be still and quiet.  Of course I am remembering from a child’s perspective, but it seems to me –  we were still and quiet.

As Mark and I started having children, we applied the same principles.  We developed our own bed time routines. The children knew what was expected and were well aware that we would follow through with the consequences if needed.  We practiced and applied Blanket Time using it in a variety of places and situations so as to become very familiar and even comforting. (Children need boundaries and are comforted by them.) We confidently accepted invitations, enjoying time with others, while still attentively caring for our little ones.

Building routines and disciplines should not limit you or your family to a rigid timetable. Conversely, it should open up a world of opportunities, providing the freedom to confidently explore new places,  experience a richness of relationships, and  enjoy time together as a family.

fishy kisses…

10 May

Our days are full of routines!  Wake up, dress the children, make breakfast, wash the dishes, do the laundry, etc. etc. etc… through the daily necessities of life.  Of course each day is unique in  its own way and full of interesting surprises, but typically the cycle continues day after day.

One of my favorite jobs is tucking the children into bed at night. Through the years, we have always had a 7:00 bedtime for our young children. When they turn eight, they get to stay up until 8:00,  when they turn 10 – bedtime is at 9:00.  We used to be pretty strict on that (unless we were having a special family night). First off, it is so important for the little ones to get  a good night sleep.  Secondly, bedtimes provided time for Mark and I to enjoy being together without the children. Now, with more and more big kids and fewer little ones, we seem to be consistently later and…well, the older kids just don’t seem to make it to bed by 9:00 anymore! Needless to say, at this point in life Mark and I are rarely alone in the house. (Maybe that’s one of the reasons date night is so important!) I am sure that day will come all too soon.

Anyway, back to my favorite routine… After Dad has read to the children and prayed for them, they are sent up to bed.  I get the fun job of tucking them in with a multitude of kisses. There are the Eskimo kisses, the butterfly kisses, fishy kisses, mommy kisses, blow on the tummy kisses, and last of all, “don’t forget to blow me a kiss!”

Don’t get stuck in the doldrums of an inflexible schedule. Any routine can become fun with a little creativity and ingenuity.

P.S. Please don’t notice that there is an absolutely adorable face on this “faceless-photos-only” blog.