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Thankful for…

22 Jun


cheery flowers


a quiet time to read


tomatoes to anticipate


siblings that love to spend time together and plan trips together


flip flops

Have a great weekend!


No Boredom Allowed!

13 Jul

Yesterday was one of those days that everything went right!

The kids science class was going so well, I think they went half an hour over what was intended. When they were done, they all headed off to work on reading, taking notes, and making creative pages.

Hoping to give the kids some inspiration, I showed them examples of each other’s work. Well… it worked better than I anticipated! They were all busily working for the next two hours! After seeing the older kids notes, the younger crews pages started taking on a whole new look.  No longer a quick drawing with a short sentence or two, Humphrey the whale has a pull tab to jump out of his pocket with an informative list of facts!

My two youngest decided they no longer wanted to be held back by waiting for me to listen to them read.  They each picked up books on their own and started sounding out the words. I don’t think they are retaining much, but more importantly, for now, they want to be in the game and are excited to read.

Then to top it all off, my son came in to show me what he had been working on.  Similar to one a cousin had made years ago, he was creating leather journals.

Two of our goals in raising children are to instill a love of reading and love for learning. Sometimes it might not feel like we’re making progress, but yesterday the fruit was evident!




Don’t let boredom set in this summer.  Give them a little inspiration and who knows what might happen!

Reading Contest – one week down

7 Jul

It has been a busy week of enjoying out of town guests.  We have been honored to have so many visitors!  For a time, Not Without Aim had to be set aside.  Never-the-less, the reading contest has continued. Here is a quick update.

After one week, points are starting to appear on the score board.  One son in particular has quickly taken the lead by choosing smaller books.  He has the most books on his list, but his note taking skills are lacking.  As each page is evaluated and the quiz is given, he sees the direct result of his efforts.  (exactly what I was hoping for!)



The two youngest readers need one on one help to accomplish their reading.  Since this book is a little above their level, we are taking turns reading small portions to each other.  I like how carefully each letter was formed on the above journal page!

After the lesson on the parts of a plant, we took a look at a tall zinnia and named all of the parts.

What a great time of year to study science!

Our Semi-Annual July Reading Contest

30 Jun

Tomorrow is already the first day of July!  I was determined to make a “fun” schedule at the start of summer.  June was full of wonderful days, but time is slipping away quickly! So, determined to not let another month slide by –  Friday, July 1st, will mark the beginning of our Semi Annual July Reading Contest.

I am not going to say too much about it yet due to the fact that I have not revealed all of the information to the kids.  What I will tell you, as I did them, is this:

– there will be 3 separate levels of competition, covering 6 of our children – ages 4-14

-the books will all be provided by mom

-there will be a 1st and 2nd prize at each level ( I am a typical mom and want everyone to win – but, the first prize on each level will definitely be worth working towards!)

I will share a few more details after the race begins!

All the Places to Love

24 Mar

Years ago my son Eli received a book for his birthday from his grandparents. They had chosen this book partly because Eli’s name was in the story. Some books are read once or twice and set aside, while others become loved and worn. All the Places To Love, by Patricia MacLachlan, has become one of our family favorites.

The story provides a window into the simple pleasures of a growing family in a rural setting. The author draws the reader into the sights, sounds, and smells of life on their small farm; “Where else, he says, can the soft sound of cows chewing make all the difference in the world?” Mike Wimmer, the illustrator,  does a wonderful job portraying the gentle loving relationship between the young son, Eli, his new baby sister, and his three generation family.

As the birth of our last child grew near, and I repeatedly read this story to the children; I began to love the names. Now we have two treasured copies of this book, one for each of the children sharing the sibling’s names. Of course you would have to read the book to know our dear little daughter’s name…

Snuggling with a story…

24 Mar

One of our essential goals, as we are raising our children, is to nurture their love for reading.  Mark enjoys reading longer books to the kids in the evening. Often we have at least a half hour of quiet individual reading time in the afternoon. My personal favorite story time is right before naps. Often I end up with cuddlers snuggling in on each side of me and one or two on my lap.

My hope is to regularly share some of our favorite children’s books with you. I would love to hear about your favorites as well. As you think of them, please take the time to comment and share them with the rest of us!