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she looked up at me, stunned

8 Jun


Sitting next to my eighth grade lab partner, we attempted to conquer the day’s assignment. The frog was placed before us.  Our job was to dissect the unlucky creature. How we had ended up as partners, I don’t remember. What I do know is that I was glad she got along with me. I had seen how she treated her enemies, and it wasn’t pretty.

During the course of our science experiment, we chatted together about our classes, people, likes and dislikes… I have no remembrance of what I may have said, but at one point she looked up at me stunned. “Becky, I have never heard you speak poorly of someone else before!”

At this point, I was stunned.

First of all, I was amazed that she would have even noticed or cared. After I processed her comment, I was ashamed that I had been guilty of the accusation!

This fellow student, who was known for treating others harshly, left a lasting impression in my mind.

The words we speak are powerful, possible of tearing down or building up. As a family, our goal is to always speak well of each other. Even when criticism is necessary, it should be given in love, never spoken of behind another’s back.

A family is a great place to begin the process of learning to treat each other with respect. What a delight to hear a wife carrying on about her wonderful husband or a brother speaking highly of his sister. It takes making a deliberate effort to change our habits – to relearn, but it is worth the effort as harsh words should never be allowed!

Since that day in the science lab, I wish I could say I have never made the same mistake again. Unfortunately I have, but I am thankful my “friend” took notice and confronted me. Because of her, I guard my words more closely.


speaking the unexpected

14 Sep

 All the recent rain has made everything green again. It almost looks like spring in September!

I was at the kitchen sink listening to the talk among the children…

Why is it they feel the need to correct each other?

and point out obvious errors?

I considered my own habits of late,  I haven’t done much better.

Our words can be like the sharp thistles hidden within the lush green grass.  As my little daughter steps gingerly through the yard, avoiding the thorns, so others learn to tiptoe around us – avoiding harsh comments.

Sometimes it feels as though there are just too many to step around,

then, unexpectedly…

a kind word is spoken

healing begins.


In the middle of our yard is a patch where all the grass is dead. It looks bleak,

yet in the midst of  this brown patch, flowers unexpectedly appeared!

“There is one who speaks rashly like the thrusts of a sword,

But the tongue of the wise brings healing”

Proverbs 12:18