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Set Priorities for your Family and Stick to Them!

18 Aug

Living in such a fast paced society, if we are not careful our families will be swept into the current and pulled places we may not want to go.

“Are we asking questions that help evaluate the priorities of our lives?”

– What is most important in our lives? Are we living in such a way to preserve or enhance how we spend our days?

-How does our family spend time together and is there any way it could be improved on? What is stealing away our time?

-What are the most important things we want to teach our children? Are we  prioritizing the time to teach them in an effective way?

-What could we change to better serve each other and others, as a family?


…just a few things to think about at the start of a new school year


The Gift of Time

9 Aug

I love my family…

Birthdays come and go, one after another throughout the years.  Sometimes a big deal and other times not.

Our family -of all ages, looks for ways to bless and celebrate each person on their special day.

This year, my sweet children chose to give me the gift of time. Time together.

I love the thoughtfulness of pondering, what would I truly like.

The Gift of Time.

They planned, organized, and provided for a trip to the ocean, camping on the beach.

Playing in the sand, walking on the shore, riding the waves,

Reading a book, tailgating for lunch…

Time, just spending time.

What best can I give my family. What do they want most from me?

Time, some quality time.

And when the miles separate us, our hearts are still near

We look forward to our next gift of time.

Thank you dear family.

I love you.

getting dirty was OK, Heidi T.

11 Jun

“My curfew was lightning bugs. Mom didn’t call my cell, she yelled my name. I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn’t eat what my mom cooked, then I didn’t eat. Sanitizer didn’t exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap. I rode a bike without a helmet, getting dirty was ok, and neighbors cared as much as your parents did. Re-post if you drank water from a garden hose and survived.”


We saw this on facebook and wanted to share it with our not without aim friends.  I love the  life philosophy portrayed in this quote – the joys of simple pleasures.


31 May

anticipation…  gathering of family and friends we have not seen for so long

overwhelmed… so many much loved faces, old friends and new

spontaneity…  embracing the moment with each person

inspired… little tidbits of ideas shared, new things learned

pain… missing those who longed to have been there

joy… watching the union of two, becoming one

rejoicing… in God’s sovereign plan

trusting… for what is unseen

sadness… the tearing away of those whom I love

thankfulness… for the fullness of life and the provision of God

celebration… of our own union of marriage for thirty years

anticipation… for what is ahead

love… overflowing love

Snuggling with a story…

24 Mar

One of our essential goals, as we are raising our children, is to nurture their love for reading.  Mark enjoys reading longer books to the kids in the evening. Often we have at least a half hour of quiet individual reading time in the afternoon. My personal favorite story time is right before naps. Often I end up with cuddlers snuggling in on each side of me and one or two on my lap.

My hope is to regularly share some of our favorite children’s books with you. I would love to hear about your favorites as well. As you think of them, please take the time to comment and share them with the rest of us!