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Anything worth doing…

23 May

I sat down on the plane next to a young man. With his laptop open, he was busy at work. We exchanged greetings. Not used to traveling alone, I had brought a needlework project to pass the time. It turned out to be much bigger and more detailed than I expected. I had been inspired by my mother-in-law who has a way of making gorgeous works of art with a needle and thread! Looking down at where to begin, I felt a bit overwhelmed. The young man with the laptop paused from his work and looked over at mine. He simply stated, “Anything worth doing takes time and hard work, but in the end it’s worth the effort.”

Looking back to that day, 22 years ago, being pregnant with our 5th daughter, I know he was right.

Marriage, raising children, supporting a family, nurturing relationships all take work, endless, tiring, draining work.

Was it worth it? Is it still worth the effort? Would I do it all over again? (Glad I don’t have to, but YES! YES! YES!

– Last night I had a date with just one of my daughters. (very precious time)

– Sunday we had all 14 of our children plus spouses and friends all together for a picnic. (a mom and dad’s heart doesn’t get much fuller than that!)

– I just got home from taking the younger half of the family fishing. ( 10 Blue Gills – and no, I don’t fish, I just detangle fishing line)

– I have a husband that is taking me out tonight because he loves me. (What to wear???)

Life isn’t perfect. Our relationships are not perfect, but they are always worth the work!
I am so glad I never gave up!


By the way, after many years, I did finally finish the needlework project.


Lessons in Grace with “Great Aunt” (part 5)

16 May

Wise Enough to Know When to Simply Move On

Seeing the children in the yard with their new jump ropes was enough enticement for Great Aunt to step outside and enjoy the fun.   Smugly, she got a kick out of the fact that the little ones were struggling to coordinate the jump and the swing well enough to actually – jump rope.  She smiled a little and said, “Give me that rope, I’ll show you how it’s done. It’s easy!”

Well… age has a way of creeping up on all of us when were not looking.  Great Aunt felt good.  She was eating well, getting fresh air and sunshine, enjoying small walks around the yard, and surrounded by young energetic children.  She was healthier now than when she had first moved in with us.  It’s no wonder she wanted to show off to the kiddos!

We all watched in anticipation as Great Aunt took the rope in hand, while passing off her crutch.  Slowly positioning the rope just so, she began the swing over her head attempting to move into the jump. Without question, the desire was there.  The brain was telling those feet to come off the ground in an upward burst, but they didn’t budge! “Disgusted”, the look on her face said it all.  What had happened to her jump? Determined to make it work, she tried again and again.  She was willing, but her body just would not cooperate.

Even though Great Aunt’s jump roping lesson didn’t go as well as planned, she had given it her best shot.  I want to be like Great Aunt: Brave enough to try and fail,  determined enough to get back up and try again, and wise enough to know when to simply move on!