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laughing at myself…

22 Sep

I had the pleasure of taking my daughter-in-law out for lunch today.

As I’m still fully employed at home with children, school, and all of the typical things… it’s rare that I take anyone out.

We had good food and good conversation.

We chuckled as we reflected on the unique experience of the first days of college. Everything is so new – classes, schedules, people, surroundings, expectations…  learning to adapt. Both of us glad not to be there anymore.

We enjoyed our time.

I enjoyed our time.


the bill came

I felt like a deer in the road, staring at the head lights!

It wasn’t the amount that bothered me, it was the process!

the tip, the addition, the signature

Funny, I help the children with math every day without struggle.  I have no problem balancing the check book.  I am very familiar with signing my name.

I wondered, why in the world did I fall apart when the bill came?

(I confess, this isn’t the first time.)

Then it hit me, I am just like that new college student,

a bit out of my element.

Babies, toddlers, children, and teenagers have pleasantly filled my all of my adult life.

Mark and I enjoyed dates through the years, but he always paid!

If we stopped as a family for fast food, I gathered the children and sat down while he ordered.

My job has never been to pay the bill.

Hmm… not wanting to simply  remain in my comfort zone, maybe I need to start taking more people out for lunch,

just for practice, of course! ;)