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trusting enough to let go

29 May


In closing, I drew a butterfly next to my signature.  The letter was off, off to my love in Brazil.   He would be back in a few months,  what felt like a lifetime.  Our insatiable desire was to be together, yet too young to be married.  Somehow, through the distance – our love had only grown.


Watching our grown children arrive home to visit, one by one (or two by two), I remember the mixture of emotions as they moved away.  The heart wrenching pain was combined with a joyful anticipation for their future.


A butterfly lands on my 5 year old’s hand. Her brother explains, “Just enjoy it while it is here, if you try to hang on to tightly, it will die. Give it some room to fly and it may even come back to you!”

The joy comes in fully trusting God while watching the flight.

The richness keeps increasing, the love continues to grow.