cloth diapers and dusting rags

18 May

After reading a long facebook discussion on cloth diapers, I’m reminded that I am out of the young mom loop and feeling my age.  It’s funny how always having little babies gave me the allusion of still being a young mom.  My baby will be five this fall, I am not pregnant or nursing and have not changed a diaper for a long time! Yet,  some of the cloth diapers still remain in the house.

Off and on through the years, we used cloth diapers. Mark bought me the best of the best at the time.  Pre-folded, extra thick cloth diapers with a variety of  covers so I could try them all. We had wool covers for night time, other cloth covers for daytime, and just in case they didn’t work well, he also purchased the old standard plastic pants.  A box of Borateam soap, diaper pins and a five gallon  bucket with lid, and I was good to go.

There are so many new tools available! I am embarrassed to say, I had to google some of the diaper lingo. I really like the diaper sprayer idea! I wish I would have had that.

Much like a new year’s resolution, I had to mentally prepare for the cloth diaper routine. Once I was in, I loved it, but just one day back to disposable and my habit was broken.  No doubt, it was a lot of work – stinky work!  Never-the-less folding the nice clean white diapers at the end of the day, was so much more rewarding then a full bag of well used disposables

One day my father-in-law stopped by for a visit, to my embarrassment I had left a dirty diaper ready to be washed in the bathroom.  He didn’t even mention it, just picked it up, washed it out, and moved on. Later as we were visiting, I remembered the forgotten smelly diaper and jumped to take care of it. His gracious response to me was, “No worries, I took care of it. We used to use them all the time.”

The nice thing about cloth diapers is even when the babies have grown, you can keep reusing them over and over again keeping the house nicely dusted.


2 Responses to “cloth diapers and dusting rags”

  1. Sylvia May 18, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Ah yes, I remember! The changes from my first to the last were amazing! And the changes since have been unbelievable! But the sweet-sad feeling of the youngest growing older and no younger children in the home – time slipping by and change happening. The clutter in the house changing from baby toys and bottles to dolls and toy dishes to books and Polly Pockets, to books and tapes… Sometimes hard to change and to accept the time passing, but good times to come. You have a wonderful family! There is joy in the future with the nostalgia in the present.

  2. Madeline May 18, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    I was definitely the same way with the cloth diapers. Once I started, I loved it. But it took some mental preparation. And I have left a dirty one on the bathroom counter, and found it after company left, too! Kind of embarrassing… :P

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